Coverseite Jahrbuch CLRW

At the school for design and art in Winterthur I got an order to design the cover page of the annual book. The assignment came from the school itself. I was free to design and implement it. It was important to me that the cover page is very striking, simple and easy to recognize. And finally, I wanted to reflect the dynamics of the school.

Openair Waid

In my last ÜK, I was allowed to make a CI CD, brochure and poster. The fictional customer was an open air event in Zurich and I had several more precise details and regulations that limited me a little when designing it.

Volvo Project work

Volvo’s advertising campaign was a school project where we needed to create a storyboard and
a brochure.

Ardevia Innovation

Ardevia Innovation is a customer of my girlfriend and me, for them we made a complete CI-CD included a new logo.