Hello, I’m Kilian Wyss.
My relationship with

started at a young age, and has become my daily companion. On this website, you’ll discover some of my most challenging and intimate works I’ve have made so far.

In 2002 I entered the stage of life in Uster, Zürich. Right now I’m in my second year of my apprenticeship as a Mediamatiker at Swisscom.

From childhood on, everything in my life revolved around creativity and design with different media. Since my father was a passionate photographer and I always grew up with a camera around, photography and videography became an everyday companion. When I got my first laptop at the age of eleven, I began to dig deeper into digital media, and graphics design, motion design and web design (UX / UI) conquered me in no time at all.

A few thing about me and my skills

I grew up in Wetzikon, Switzerland. I am interested in Football, and as a child, I had the privilege of seeing many places around the world and getting to know a wide variety of cultures.

if you want to know more about me, feel free to contact me: Kilian@wyssbaur.ch


Data Vizualisation, Infographic Design, Packaging illustration, Promotion illustration, Editorial Illustration

UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design, Web & Mobile Design, Prototyping


video editing, Content Production, Content Management, Social Media Management

Motion Design

Storyboarding, 2D/3D Animation, Case Movie Production, Explainer Videos

Kilian hat eine tolle Energie ins Team gebracht. Mit seiner offenen und kommunikativen Art, ist Kilian ein toller Teamplayer. Wir hatten ein sehr gutes Verhältnis im Team und eine offene Feedbackkultur. Wir konnten stets zusammen Brainstormen und Ideen austauschen.

Michelle Bobst Swisscom UID Team